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I just did something that’s been years in the making and surely a step in the right and proper direction. I consolidated almost all of my blogs. Almost all because a couple need to stay separate. But the other four didn’t need to be four. Yes, I’ve had 6 blogs. I’m winning in compartmentalization. Trust […]



i’m in a pretty lengthy process of redefining how i live my life. i say it’s lengthy as a sort of precautionary measure. i want to give myself as much time as i need and i have no clue what that’ll be so “lengthy” seems a good choice. the first step i’ve taken with regard […]



and i will try       to fix you(quickly insert rich transition music) tears stream…yeah, it’s quite the emotive song. i’d listen to it now were it not for the fact that i’d have to first search for it and secondly, essentially permit myself to bawl my eyes out. i want neither. and so i […]


A Letter

At a periodic gathering that I’m part of, one of our latest activities was to write a letter to ourselves, stating what we’d like God to do in our lives. The facilitator for that activity, took our self-addressed envelopes, stamped them, and mailed them to us several days later. Mine came in the mail a […]

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