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Now What?

So Sex Week ended yesterday…(I’m actually writing this on Friday so that I don’t have to think about it tomorrow…not because sex is bad to think about on Saturday but because this practice of blogging every day of the week has been exhausting and that’s not how I wish to spend Sabbath.) The other day […]


job description: part 1

roughly two months ago, i confessed to a group of colleagues that i used to think i was a good listener until i realized that i just didn’t talk. my confession elicited major laughter. it surprised me. i wasn’t trying to be funny and then i experienced the joy of being naturally funny. i tried not to […]


we’ll see…

I want to take time to hash out quality thoughts on the following related to my work… Personalities How they intersect with yours (teach you about yourself) How they clash with each other How they each want a piece of the space, of you How it’s hard not become a personality-based space God How he […]



i often wake up in the morning, so unsure of how the day will flow. it’s not that i have nothing to do. oh no. i never have nothing to do. it’s that i’m unsure where to start. back in 2001, somewhere in the fall, i and many other a young woman attended a day-long […]

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