I’ve been trying to be…

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I’ve been trying to be…

Various events led me to admitting to who I’ve been trying to be.

I had to, had to own the effort that’s failing me. The disappointment is major but the ability to see it as it is is pure gold.

Is there someone you’ve been trying to be, some way of living you’ve been trying to capture…but it’s not working?

You don’t have to spill it all in the comments. Here’s a better idea: grab a pen and some paper and write it all down, as much as you can in 15 minutes. No electronics–pen and paper. You’ll zoom past 300 words, I’m sure. The main goal is being real about who you are and where you are.

I’m not a therapist yet I can guarantee that this writing alone will be time well spent.

What do we do with what we write down? I’m sure some form of surrender is involved. Maybe a burial of the paper symbolizing an end to this false self. Maybe time in prayer, asking God, “What now?”

Let God give you your next steps. Cherish this piece of your journey.

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