A Letter

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A Letter

At a periodic gathering that I’m part of, one of our latest activities was to write a letter to ourselves, stating what we’d like God to do in our lives. The facilitator for that activity, took our self-addressed envelopes, stamped them, and mailed them to us several days later. Mine came in the mail a couple of days ago.

May 1, 2013

Dear Self, 

I want God to renew in me a right spirit, to give me a clean heart that’s receptive to all He has for me. When I think of that “all” I think about the students who have been entrusted to my care and the love that I need to develop for them, a deeper unconditional love that provides them with space and encouragement to grow both individually and collectively. Another aspect of this “all” is an ability to slow down and prayerfully move according to God’s timing. And lastly (though I’m aware that this isn’t an exhaustive list) is that I can develop a stronger foundation of support from those around me so that the expectations I have are clear and realistic. 

God, help me! 


I meant every word. I still do. But these waters take a long time to navigate. I’m in, though. I’m in.

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