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1 word

as i sat on the extraordinarily huge beanbag watching a movie, my friend’s cat hopped up and curled right into my side space. her presence made me think of the word “nurture.” for those who’ve seen me with cats, they know i’m not all googoo gaga over the little attitudy animals but i’ll allow them […]


the message

you need to restart your computer. hold down the power button for several seconds or press the restart button. that’s the death message. i’ve had it 3 times now. i’m a bit afraid. but the message isn’t supposed to create fear. it’s supposed to simply heighten awareness. there’s no system failure but failure to connect […]


from excitement to fear

fear…there’s something to it…something useful. it’s not that God can’t use us when we’re not fearful but fear humbles in a way that useful. so now i’m useful…coz let me tell ya, i’m afraid! afraid of saying foolishness afraid of disgracing God afraid that… but why? okay…so the “useful” thing only goes so far. once […]

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