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i often wake up in the morning, so unsure of how the day will flow. it’s not that i have nothing to do. oh no. i never have nothing to do. it’s that i’m unsure where to start.

back in 2001, somewhere in the fall, i and many other a young woman attended a day-long women’s retreat put on by our local Campus Crusade folks. our leader was a tall brunette. short cut. very chic all the way around. and she loved us even if she’d just met us. i could tell. she poured into us truths about God and the life He desired us to live. (and i respect those truths which is why i feel loved when i receive them.) and as she shared that it’s often hard to know the will of God, the 1 thing i’ll always remember from that Saturday was the thought, “do the next best thing–sometimes that’s simply brushing your teeth.”

and so, that night the Christian Single Female was birthed as i did the next best thing i knew and poured as much truth as i could find into the lives of the Christian single females i called friends. and every month or so another edition of my newsletter would leave my floppy disk, enter their inbox and hopefully transform their lives at least a little.

today wasn’t quite that groundbreaking even though i do consider it a miracle that i’ve now completed hours of meaningful time by simply doing the next best thing. victory! i’m celebrating God right now, celebrating His tireless efforts to keep me close to Him, in His will, His way. i’m celebrating God b/c He keeps on performing miracles and today is one such miracle for me.

this is the life–allowing God to take you through uncharted waters.

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