Now What?

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Now What?

So Sex Week ended yesterday…(I’m actually writing this on Friday so that I don’t have to think about it tomorrow…not because sex is bad to think about on Saturday but because this practice of blogging every day of the week has been exhausting and that’s not how I wish to spend Sabbath.)

The other day I wondered, “What will the students do once Sex Week ends?” It’s not that I think something negative will erupt but that I wonder how well the conversation will continue and whether or not I should play an active part in that.

This week it has been very difficult for me not to feel self-righteous, judgmental, and the like. With almost every post I felt as though someone, somewhere was reading my words and glaring at me, hoping for an opportunity to publicly shame me for speaking against something they value or do. This week I often wondered if entering the conversation in this way was helpful especially as someone who has never written 7 blog posts in a row and who has never written or spoken this much about sex.

Sure, I can see that people are reading the posts via the stats log but in the end was this just me exercising freedom of speech for the sake of a few high fives?

And I wonder if any of the organizers and supporters of Sex Week have any such feelings themselves. From the meetings I attended, they clearly went to great lengths to not only promote the week but expose students to a variety of perspectives, some of which I found very helpful. The week wasn’t just about having sex but about notions of sexuality and sexual practice. Health professionals were on hand to talk with students, professors moderated healthy discussions. This was no small effort.

But now what? What happens next? Will this become an annual event? Will it become just an event? Has sex become just an event? Is it worth fighting for change?

There are a lot of things we try to do in our various spheres of influence, be they big or small. Sometimes we make a great impact. Sometimes we fail miserably. Sometimes we hear crickets. Whatever the case, I hope you’ll take this last thing to heart. I learned it on Thursday, a day that’s been the most peaceful day of the week thus far. I’ve been stressed about a lot of things, processing a lot of thoughts from the moment I wake up to the moment I finally fall asleep. It has been a week. And by Thursday morning I’d had it.

I prayed. I’d been praying all week but I reached the point of, “I’m so done with this.”And at that point, God clearly brought these words to my mind:

What have I asked you to do? Do it faithfully. 

And that’s what’s now.


Thank you for reading, for joining the conversation and sharing it with others. Hopefully we’ll each be faithful with what we’ve been asked to do. Hopefully we’ll each stick to what we’ve been asked to do. Now to take a blogging break.


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