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she is, for me, a strange friend. quite frankly, i don’t know what to do with her. Justin and i had a really honest talk the other day about music. i realized just how a part of me she really is. i cried at the thought of losing her, of giving up on her. i also realized […]



Today I wrote a song. I sat long enough, after wearing out my arms in a new workout, to record some words to some tune that I don’t even remember. And that’s ok. Because I sat. Long enough. That’s what matters most, even more than the song. I made space. When’s the last time you […]


something beautiful

i’ve come to really enjoy this song by need to breathe. and now, as i make my way to slumberville, i’m remembering the beauty i’ve recently experienced: girlfriend time a reminder that my man knows me well leaving work before it’s pitch black outside inspiration God’s unconditional love as evidenced by all of the above […]


music lives right around the sun

in that space untouchable to human hands so far removed that even our greatest disgraces can’t mess it up forever because what God has created will still speak of him somehow somehow *** and to that end, i sing. i find others who love life, love music, love God, and we sing together. the effects […]

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