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what would you

say no to in order to be happy? could you just be happy in order to say no? why not just give up your notion of happy? sing a song you’ve never heard before… “sometimes words just jump into your head you don’t know what they mean but somehow they make sense…”


before i nap

i thought it’d be more than appropriate to discuss my morning. i got to sing. it passed so quickly. all of a sudden we were sitting in the pews. why do good moments pass like that? i was part of a praise and worship team at a contemporary church, you know, the kind of church […]


classical music

lulled us, but not to sleep. we sat, we three black siblings, eating our tomato soup with crackers in it and biscuits on the side. we sat in silence because classical sounds have that affect on we three black siblings. it doesn’t excite us to converse. i broke the silence. me: did you guys know […]

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