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thanks man?

as i sauntered home, critiquing the song just sung and remembering my desire to keep raising the bar for myself, i started talking to God and the words “thanks man” came to mind.but just as quickly came the thought, “what?! God’s not one of my boys!” my justin blogged the other day (or week, or […]


after this

i’m in the midst of a class that’s forcing me to wonder about my place in the worship-music world. i want to do music. i want to worship. but i don’t want to do worship music all the time. it’s not because i don’t enjoy worship. it’s just hard for me to know how i […]


…i messed up

it has been a couple months since my resolve: to tell people that i’m not sure what i’m doing post MDiv, that i don’t know where God’s leading, but i know it’s something beyond what i can imagine. well, just yesterday i forgot that resolve. let’s be real. when a potential future employer says “so […]


the difference

i sing from time to time. the difference between an enjoyable music experience and a regrettable music experience is intentionality. today i was intentional and i enjoyed it. i teach 3 days a week. the difference between an energizing session and a boring session is intentionality. today i bored myself. i do homework just about […]

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