Tag: memory


i’ve come down

perhaps you have, too. perhaps you’ve fallen victim to an invitation that was ever so enticing. your guard was already down. you weren’t giving your full attention to what you’ve been called to do. or perhaps you’ve not even been settled on your calling. essentially you’ve been an easy person to distract, a perfect target. […]



i was looking at a friend’s facebook pics and there they were, several beautiful women posing in what looked like a crisp alberta air. i miss that crisp cold, the kind where you can make do with a sweater though you know you should really add a jacket. but this way you can draw your […]


so far removed

i’ve often wondered why i don’t feel when things crumble. certain pain just doesn’t hurt me. it has to be close, not close in proximity but close in memory. hotel rwanda hurt b/c it reminded me of liberia. 9/11 didn’t do much. the london bombs didn’t do much. i wish i could feel pain beyond […]

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