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i was looking at a friend’s facebook pics and there they were, several beautiful women posing in what looked like a crisp alberta air.

i miss that crisp cold, the kind where you can make do with a sweater though you know you should really add a jacket. but this way you can draw your shoulders in and scrunch your head down and shiver a lovely shiver as you step out of your car and saunter into your front door breathing deeply coz the day has been good and the air is clean.

and now you’ll make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, tea…whichever suits your fancy…and you’ll sip it with carefree intent as your mind recaps the good day.

later on, when your friend calls, you’ll replace the sweater with a sweatshirt (all the protection you desire) and join her for a walk.

that first touch of alberta crisp gets your arms moving, creating a gentle stride that allows for calorie burn. soon you warm up enough to truly enjoy the crisp as it washes over your face.


breath deep.


i can’t believe i miss that. i can’t believe i know it enough to miss it. i can’t believe that’s the only place i really think of as home home.

crisp…i’ll return someday.

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