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What dreams are made of

The rain had begun to pour. My friend Daniela was teaching us (a medium sized group of people standing in the rain) about something and had to walk up a fairly steep hill in order to dodge the car traffic and not get soaking wet. Once up there, she had to come back down to […]


Suffragette Salad?

I used what was part bathroon, part hallway then sat down in a chair there. The door opened a bit later and in walked a young woman from Mauritius. She’d just arrived. Her mother and a young man who was like a brother to her walked in with her. She was so excited to be […]



last night i had a crazy dream that makes me think i have a boundary issue, a problem helping others recognize my personal space… perhaps the dream will continue. perhaps i’ll learn more. and, as always, there’s a good chance that my crazy dream was the result of a particular food combination or something of […]



so i just decided, as i watch restaurant makover on HGTV, that when it comes to my post seminary life i’ve got to think far outside the box coz that’s what God’s doing…that’s what he’s been doing all along, creating one of those huge puzzles that you never take apart. you glue, frame, and mount […]



they’re minutia in the grand scheme of marriage. i attended such minutia today and both my mother and another mother were telling me to elope. however, they quickly added that they didn’t really mean it coz they want to experience all the madness. weddings symbolize the beginning of an end. and end to singlehood, an […]

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