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You’ve heard them. You’ve met them. Some of them are your friends. They’re big shots. Whatever they do looks easy. Whoever they are defines authenticity.

And then a moment comes, a crucial moment, a life changing moment if you choose to dig deep. The moment says, “You have to choose–who do you want to be?”

It’s actually the Holy Spirit making it crystal clear that you can’t be everything but you do have a few options that He’s wiling to support. Want to be an amazing preacher? Okay. But you can’t also be an amazing writer. Want to be an amazing administrator? Okay. But you can’t also be an amazing mother. Want to get a PhD? Okay. But you can’t also have copious amounts of time in your garden.

And no, the Holy Spirit didn’t say ALL that. He just said, “You cannot do everything. The lie must die.”

So I’m digging deep, deciding where to put all my eggs. A good scramble for my whole family requires at least four. A dozen fit comfortably in my fridge. I can’t shop daily. If I want scrambled eggs three days in a row, I can’t also make omelets and eggplant parmesan that same week. Furthermore, I seldom cook.

I can’t be everything. So who do I want to be? Things may shift in a year such that I can competently tackle multiple dreams but for now…

I dig a whole
To house the plans
The million blueprints
Trillion scans
Ideas galore
Ingenious whims

A weight will lift
As life begins
Green shooting

Through nutritious mounds
Unclouded vision steady tap

Rich purples stretching high and left toward the sun

(At least the clothes in the laundry basket are clean.)


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