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they’re minutia in the grand scheme of marriage. i attended such minutia today and both my mother and another mother were telling me to elope. however, they quickly added that they didn’t really mean it coz they want to experience all the madness.

weddings symbolize the beginning of an end. and end to singlehood, an end to self-centeredness, and end to whatever privacy you thought you had…and other such loveliness. but all these endings begin long before the ceremony, ideally.

and now, as we begin to end 2007, i think of all that ended this year, all that maybe should have ended, all i’m thankful didn’t end. and i’m just hoping for another year in which i can find so much to be thankful for.

so much happened this year that i never could have dreamt up, and i’m quite the dreamer…Joseph and i are cousins 3000 times removed. because of all that’s happened, i’m a tad bit wiser, a whole lot happier, a bit more cautious, somewhat anxious, periodically really, really confident, and quite content. and i’m not sure how it all works except that i definitely see the need for more faith in order to keep on going.

God has a plan for my life. it’s not just preacher talk–it’s real stuff, good stuff. and i want to know and live that plan. i’ve done a fair bit of doubting this year. that’s gotta go. coz in the words of the Carpenters that i’ve taken out of context, we’ve only just begun to live.

so here i go…

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