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so i just decided, as i watch restaurant makover on HGTV, that when it comes to my post seminary life i’ve got to think far outside the box coz that’s what God’s doing…that’s what he’s been doing all along, creating one of those huge puzzles that you never take apart. you glue, frame, and mount above the big couch.

all i can see right now are puzzle pieces sprawled out on a living room floor. singing. teaching. writing. helping. training. encouraging. supporting. scarf knitting. leaf raking. varnish stripping. couch sitting with friends. creating food. creating cards. playing with paper. playing with design. playing with wood. poetry readings. cafe musings. people watching. flute playing. eating. painting. collaborating. dreaming.

i enjoy it all…and more. i don’t do it all well. i want time to do so much better. i want money to afford me the time. i want God to be happy with it all.

a lot of people have been asking me what i’m doing with my seminary degree. (this is why you don’t go home for the holidays. ha!) i think from now on i’ll just say, something really good and big, and then change the subject–ask them what they think about global warming and healthcare.

all of us who exist in what my Justin refers to as this 20-something fuzz have got to believe that when the fuzz clears we’ll be doing something really good and big. and we’ll enjoy it. and we’ll get frustrated by it. but we’ll know its what God wants if we listen.

so i’m listening now for what’s beyond. coz it’s really good. and big. and it’s more than i could ever dream up. and i want it.

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