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in just a few words

i’m determined to speak briefly, say enough and no more. i have a bad habit of rambling on and on and on… and it’s not b/c i’m a woman. i think it’s a matter of finding my voice late and finding authority in my voice even later. so i’ve got a lot to catch up […]


what we say

impressed. i feel impressed to say… believe. i believe that you are… think. i think that you should… (insert excrement from the body of a huge cud-chewing male mammal) who told us that we have to always know what to say? how dare we believe it? yes, sometimes SOMETIMES we have the right words at […]



i just spelled journey that way. yes. i did it. as i excitedly typed away at my exegesis paper, i spelled g-e-r-n-y as the voice in my head said journey. yes. yes, i did it. yes, yes, i can make mistakes. yes i can

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