An invitation for you. Yes, you.

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An invitation for you. Yes, you.

So often we try to condense our world into bullet points. It’s easier that way until it’s not.

Our lives are a mess of complex pieces and the words we use to sort through them are each important to our ability to see ourselves and see each other.

I’m crafting a podcast space called wordhabit, where all the words that shape us matter and can be shared.

I invite you to send me a word that matters to you and a 100 word max description of why it matters. I will then share what you’ve written, or a modified version of it, and talk about how your word is part of my world. Send your words to wordhabit (at) gmail (dot) com

In between those episodes, I’ll share the words that matter to me, how they came to matter and more.

Let’s do this together.

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