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The Curse of Being Present Yet Unseen

It was somewhere between 2011 and 2013, I’d guess. I was married but didn’t have any children so it was easy to agree to middle-of-the-day activities. I served as an elder in my church and volunteered, along with another elder to take Communion to someone who couldn’t attend our worship services. The other elder was […]


brothers are suspicious

click to read linked article i have one. and i’ve often worried about him. i haven’t worried that he’ll not be successful. no. i’ve often worried that someone would hurt him simply because he’s a black male. now that he’s 6’4” and a chunk of lean muscle, you could say that i have nothing to […]


why i ride

it’s not for the wind through my hair or the unexpected gravel through my gears. it’s for the time alone, the outdoor perspective…the knowledge that i can. about 7 years ago i thought about buying a road bike. i was living in chicago and an add for the annual midnight ride caught my attention. a […]

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