why i ride

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why i ride

it’s not for the wind through my hair or the unexpected gravel through my gears. it’s for the time alone, the outdoor perspective…the knowledge that i can.

about 7 years ago i thought about buying a road bike. i was living in chicago and an add for the annual midnight ride caught my attention. a fellow city dweller encouraged my desire to ride and i kept on saying, “i’m going to get a bike.” it became a promise. “i will get a bike.” i even went to a bike store, but alas, i moved away bikeless.

my reasons for not committing were varied. money was often limited but then unexpected left eye blindness struck. it sort of sealed the no deal, voided the check, etc. after all, riding through a city with limited depth perception didn’t seem like a bright idea. but the joy of riding remained in my psyche.

i’ve enjoyed riding ever since i was a little girl. in the early years my older sister and i would ride as our parents followed on foot, stroll-paced. then in jr high i got a purple mountain bike from Kmart or Meijer. it got me oriented to my new surroundings. i’d escape to the local cemetery or just cruise around the neighborhood. riding has been a source of peace.

so sight or no sight, my adult years couldn’t escape the good memories of me, a bike, and the open road. once i recognized my fear i determined to get over it. and two years ago i bought “30.”

yes, my bike’s name is 30. s/he is a black trek 7.3fx (whatever that equation means). buying 30 didn’t cancel my fear, it simply smacked it. cruising to and from work or school is no big deal. it’s the actual cardio workout sort of ride that make me nervous, the stuff that involves car traffic and random bugs hitting the back of my throat without warning. i still fight my thoughts each morning, wanting to ride but hoping for torrential rain.

solution? well, in addition to positive self-talk, i’ve found it helpful to find a challenge or cause. by riding for United Way i get a challenging cause. fabulous!

wish me well. add some dollars to the fund if you can. and no matter what, don’t worry…one-eyed riding is quite fashionable these days. but really though, don’t wait too long to ride a bike or whatever your equivalent may be.



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