i don’t promise eloquence, just words.

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i don’t promise eloquence, just words.

There’s so much in my little world that currently has something to do with race, race relations, and racism (nothing against me, that I know of, but involving people/entities that I know and/or am impacted by). It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, to wonder what to say or if to even speak. After all, I have a lot of other things to think about and a lot more things to be about. I don’t wish to hurriedly sweep any of the questions/confusion under a rug. It’s just that I don’t easily juggle many things so sweeping is easier, or at least ignoring…momentarily.
Some things can’t be ignored forever. But to take my attention off of what’s already before me seems irresponsible (and I’m not even yet talking about my child).
And so, once again, I conclude that this life requires attentiveness to the Holy Spirit, the Guide, the Comforter… He speaks loud enough for us to hear when we’re quiet. Shutting off the noise and sitting still are difficult. But the yelling is getting out of hand. We have no choice. We must make time to listen.
Not by might, nor by power but by…
And then we move. And then we speak. It doesn’t necessarily get any easier/simpler but at least that method leads to good.
…as invisible and nebulous as that sounds…

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