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8 weeks and counting

Great. Just got an email telling me what my belly will look like after pregnancy. Well after poking it daily with anti-coagulant juice, I’m sure it’ll be real pretty in its deflated form. More on the juice later…   May 27, 2013 I never did get to write about the experience so I’ll briefly detail […]


week 8

i’m proud to be pregnant. not in an anti-abortion kind of way but in a… dagnabit, if i can suffer nausea and bloating and weight gain all because something the size of a kidney bean is inside of me then i will gladly tuck in my shirt and showcase my belly (to me and my […]


week 7

nausea. if i could pay someone a year’s wage to make it go away, i’d find that money somewhere. that almost reflects how much i hate my current state. it’s so bad that if i haven’t felt nauseous for a while and then just THINK about it, i get nauseous. i’m telling you…i couldn’t dream […]


week 6

parasite now has limb buds that will grow into shoulders-arms-hands-fingers and thighs-legs-feet-toes. it’s growing 1 millimeter ever day. i like the fact that its heartbeat can be heard. can’t wait to hear it! that’s so weird/cool/incredible. oh, and there’s also an umbilical chord. the little leach is about to suck up all my goodness. well, […]


week 5

i’m pregnant. oh boy/girl! what strange parasite lingers softly? it has a brain and a spinal cord, both still developing, and a heart that’s already formed. i don’t care how much someone tells you about pregnancy in high school biology, nothing sounds so wonderful until it’s about the tiny thing inside you. inside me. it’s growing. […]

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