week 5

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week 5

i’m pregnant. oh boy/girl! what strange parasite lingers softly?
it has a brain and a spinal cord, both still developing, and a heart that’s already formed. i don’t care how much someone tells you about pregnancy in high school biology, nothing sounds so wonderful until it’s about the tiny thing inside you.

inside me.
it’s growing. it will one day come outside into the allergy-ridden knoxville air.
we will name it.
in our frustrations we will call it names.

right now, it doesn’t matter to me what i have. i just want it to be healthy with a great head of hair and a cute nose-mouth combo, big eyes, 10 fingers, 10 toes… i should definitely eat well and i actually want to begin the 30-day shred again just to stay active. or is that too much?

it’ll be good to have the dr’s visit next thursday and find out much more about all of this. hopefully i’m not high risk but there’s a chance since i had that 2003 stroke. regardless, right now i’m feeling pretty confident that all will be well. after all, i’m a lawrence and we can do anything.



weight: 160 lbs
cravings: nothing. just prego sickness that makes me want to eat something, anything…like crackers.
dreams: nothing i can recall
interesting current events: it’s hard to suck in my tummy. i began reading a prego website today and read some of it out loud to Justin as we drove. that was fun. it’s good to share this with him. i’m blessed to have him. i call him “dad” for kicks…it drives him a little crazy.

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