week 6

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week 6

parasite now has limb buds that will grow into shoulders-arms-hands-fingers and thighs-legs-feet-toes. it’s growing 1 millimeter ever day. i like the fact that its heartbeat can be heard. can’t wait to hear it! that’s so weird/cool/incredible. oh, and there’s also an umbilical chord. the little leach is about to suck up all my goodness. well, i suppose it’s already doing that on some level.

i feel quite responsible for how this sucker turns out. and yes, once it’s born or once we pick a name (whichever comes first) i promise to use more socially vetted terms to talk about it, like “my love” or “pumpkin” or whatever its name is. but until then, it will hear me lovingly refer to it by other terms of endearment that will toughen its skin in good west indian parenting fashion. ha!

but really though. i think more about what i’m eating and can’t wait for the day when nausea is no more so that i can actually desire goodness instead of just resorting to whatever my senses can handle. surprisingly, i don’t have a sweet tooth. i thought i’d get all nesty and bake up a storm. maybe that comes later. i’ll love it up if it does!

i would like to exercise. i’d like for most of my gained weight to be found protruding forward from my mid section and not all around, up and down. i’m waiting to hear what the doc has to say. that’s three days away. oh boy/girl. i’m guessing he’ll tell me not to run a 1/2 marathon. how disappointing. i really have no excuse. i could at least be walking regularly. but i haven’t exercised in a while so i’ll have the crazy itch. SO i’m waiting till thursday so he can tell me whether or not it’s okay to take allergy meds which would, wonderfully, kill the itching and turn walking from burden to blessing.

sometimes i squeeze my belly…i should ask the doc if that’s okay, too. it’s probably all fat that i’m squeezing but…anyway…



weight: 158 lbs (not sure how i lost weight)
cravings: still no cravings. i do prefer boring food that’s carb-based or stuff that has zero smell. i’m tired of saltines.
dreams: dreamt my stomach hurt. woke up. it was true. it was gas. oh boy/girl!
interesting current events: smells. the stuff i used to purposefully smell is off limits like the lavender hand lotion at my desk or the pear candle, also at my desk. (work just sucks). there’s also the lavender scented Febreze that i’ve sometimes had to use post bathroom visit (again at work)–i now despise it! Justin cooked breakfast this morning, fried up some tofu and cooked some beans. i ate cereal. though i have yet to actually upchuck, smells make me want to straight up hurl. oh, on sunday, a dear lady’s nice soft soap scent that would ordinarily warm my heart made me want to step back while talking with her. i couldn’t step back. i had to bare it. soft soapy smells are now amazingly gross. as dramatic as i can be on a normal non-prego day, i couldn’t make all this up if i tried. this is a hot mess. this baby better be cute.

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