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magical. peaceful. miserable.

these three words describe what’s often experienced as i step into new scenarios. and for some of us, thinking politically is new. we know how to be political–as in being politically correct, talking to the “right” ppl, dressing the “right” way, etc–but we don’t know how to engage the ideas of politicians without eventually feeling […]


get aware

i don’t know all the details but i’m much more aware this time around. but still glad i can’t vote. oh the pressure! i can hardly juggle school let alone voting responsibilities. but for those of you who can vote, please do! and please make educated decisions. ladies, don’t vote for the best looking. and […]


this’ll be short

people are waiting… please ya’ll. do what you love. it may take a while to get up and running but please, do what makes you glad to be alive. God wants that for us!! it’s not selfish. it’s called walking with God. and also, when in the south, shut your mouth about being a democrat […]

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