thanks man?

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thanks man?

as i sauntered home, critiquing the song just sung and remembering my desire to keep raising the bar for myself, i started talking to God and the words “thanks man” came to mind.

but just as quickly came the thought, “what?! God’s not one of my boys!”

my justin blogged the other day (or week, or whatever) about being casual with God. his words came to mind as my steps toward home continued. yes, i too prefer the formal. “thanks man” is far from satisfactory verbiage. in fact, the more i think about it the more i realize that no form of “thank you” will ever be satisfactory–how can it when i speak to God, Creator, Supreme Father, Sustainer…?

bah humbug! i won’t get too fussy about words or i’ll go mad…but i will rethink how i approach God, i will.

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