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i can’t sleep. it’s a¬†reoccurring¬†problem of the last few months. i’ll wake to appease my bladder then return to bed wide-eyed. and it’s not that i actually feel wide-eyed but that’s how my body acts as my mind awakens to the many things i should have said or need to say, should have done or […]


sleepless nights

it’s not the first time i’ve been unable to remain in that free state called sleep, the minutes and hours of peace that i often crave. no one gets on your real nerves when you’re sleeping. no one rudely interrupts your true concentration when you’re sleeping. you can change the way your dream is going, […]


stank face

sorry folks. when i don’t like something, it shows. and it ain’t cute. i’m one of those people who look best when smiling and i’m not a natural smiler. but boy oh boy can i give you a stank face. so this morning, when boarding my early morning flight, a flight attendant said in a […]

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