stank face

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stank face

sorry folks. when i don’t like something, it shows. and it ain’t cute. i’m one of those people who look best when smiling and i’m not a natural smiler. but boy oh boy can i give you a stank face.

so this morning, when boarding my early morning flight, a flight attendant said in a pejorative tone, “if it rolls, it can’t fit. you need to check it.” she was at least 10 feet away. the plane was full of onlookers. i wasn’t embarrassed but quickly wondered if all that was necessary. do i look 12 with an “i ignore instructions” t-shirt (though we hadn’t been told we’d need to check the case)?
it wasn’t until i sat down that the thought hit me. your face was probably stank.
when i was 16, my mum threw a few words of caution my way: watch your face. yes mum. she knew, from her own face and what she’d seen on my face that i was prone to the stank. and now 15 years later i’d had my millionth episode.

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