sunsets are good for your health

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sunsets are good for your health

very rarely do i leave work bright eyed and bushy tailed. today was no exception. and with so much time spent in my head (from just a few minutes after waking up), processing questions and frustrations, thinking through possibly needed rebuttals, and all other manner of madness that i’ve done for so much of my life, by the time i drive home, my mind’s about to explode. it’s great.

well today was exceptional in a very unexpected way, a very God kind of way. as i drove west on I-40, i spotted the last few minutes of sunset. now i’ve seen the sun set a lot and i’ve marveled at the sunset a lot but today was exceptional. i had the sort of experience that makes Romans 1:20 so real.

as soon as i noticed the sunset, God said to me, “Okay, you see that sunset? You need to let the sun set on all your frustrations, all your fatigue, all your anger, all your unresolved interpersonal drama, etc.” and just like that, i had peace AND a smile. talk about radical change! that’s something only God can do.

and just as i crossed the light at the last major intersection before home, God said, “You’ve only got a few more moments of sunset so let it all go!” and i packed up the remaining junk and threw it out the window. it’s the sort of liter cities welcome–if more people did it, there’d be fewer accidents, i promise you!

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