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Mushy Mummy Love

We heard her crying shortly after putting her to bed. At first we couldn’t quite understand what she was saying through her tears. Then I caught it. “Come wif me.” I volunteered to go. Usually my husband goes (and usually it’s some terrible time of the night/morning). He’ll lay on the floor by her bed until […]



I showed up prepared to pray for others and ended up praying for myself, too. Even got to pray twice because the Rabbi wasn’t there. Not sure what happened to him but God used his absence to feed my soul, work away at my heart, remind me of His presence…that it is even with me. I […]


Of Wills and Love

Arguments with almost five-month-old babies are very short.  It began with her ridiculously fast-growing fingernails. She’s obviously draining me of all contributing nutrients. After concluding that I’d been scratched enough, I decided to cut her nails. My daughter has gotten used to the process, one I conduct while she’s awake so that I don’t have […]


Just One More Kiss

It’s hard to let her go. 2:45am comes. I feed her. And then it’s 4:30am and I’m waking up with her still in my arms. I finally surrender to the reality of my own sleep needs and return her to her bed but only after ten more kisses to her cheeks. She settles down quickly. […]


yes, i really am ok

ask me again tomorrow. tuesday may roll in with tears and gnashing teeth but just for now, all is well. that’s how it’s been for a while now. good one day, bad the next. feeling whole one moment and empty the next. energized and then gross as acid reflux strikes yet again. and i’m one of […]

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