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something beautiful

i’ve come to really enjoy this song by need to breathe. and now, as i make my way to slumberville, i’m remembering the beauty i’ve recently experienced: girlfriend time a reminder that my man knows me well leaving work before it’s pitch black outside inspiration God’s unconditional love as evidenced by all of the above […]



from the back to the middle and around again i’m gonna love you till the end one hundred percent pure love please don’t ask me why i know the lyrics (or perhaps the wrong lyrics), just read on. last night i got my biweekly email stating that my pay check has been deposited into my […]


i don’t want to be that person

who lets anger controlwho jumps to unnecessary conclusionswho has no patiencewho says “that’s just the way i am”who creates a domino effect of latenesswho, due to his/her lack of planning, disrupts another’s schedulewho doesn’t listen with more than earswho’s so afraid to be wrongwho’s so afraid of not being in chargewho can’t accept “thank yous”who’s […]



there’s something great yet awful about beautiful music: it energizes, encourages and then makes you stay up a little later so you can write about it. trust me…it’s making me do this! i will lack sleep tomorrow because of music. it’s NOT my fault. i am NOT in control of this. haha i’ll always enjoy […]


less is love

some of us are still learning this, some of us already know and are living examples of it: less is more. or as i like to put it, less is love. as i help a friend with the final plans for her big day, i recognize the pressure to please, the pressure to save face, […]

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