What happens when the unexpected becomes the impossible?

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What happens when the unexpected becomes the impossible?

  • Have you very recently recovered from Covid?
  • Do you like to clean and tidy homes?
  • Are you comfortable working with a medium sized dog around you?
  • Are you able to take initiative, not needing instructions for every step?
  • Do you know how to clean like a germaphobe?
  • Do you work quickly and quietly?
  • Can you lift at least 20lbs?
  • Do you live in or near Athens, GA?

If you say yes to each of these, call me. ☺️

Funny thing happened, a grace-thing, really. I’d written all of the above while standing in the kitchen overwhelmed by the disarray of the living room and desperate for change.

In the midst of that, I replayed a moment from yesterday’s sermon. These aren’t his exact words…essentially it’s the recognition that if Jesus could make it from what looked to others as the unexpected of Friday (crucifixion) to the victory of Sunday (resurrection) then Jesus can help us through the unexpected of today.

I didn’t expect to get Covid again. I didn’t expect to go from flu to Covid, essentially two weeks of not enough energy to do anything that requires a lot of brain power. I didn’t expect to have to wonder what long Covid will now be like (maybe it’ll vanish??). I didn’t expect to use my inhaler three times a day.

I didn’t expect…

And these unexpected bits have turned into a 5000 piece puzzle that is 5% trees and 95% water.

Unexpected + impossible = ?????

And so I prayed. Nothing formal. I don’t have formal energy. I spoke to God as if we’d just been talking 10 minutes ago. I asked for help. Then this seemingly silly idea popped into my head. Ask the girls to help.

I called my girls to the living room, just knowing they’d hate the mere mention of tidying up yet very aware that the mess was theirs to own. In less than five minutes, the space was clear and the resistance given by one child had been packed away, too.

This is how the day (and week) will go, I’m guessing, bits and pieces sorted with wisdom from above followed by longer moments of respite beside my dog on the couch. And I’ll hopefully listen to all God has to say and soak up the blessings of friends who say, “I’m at Sams. What can I get you?” then drop off enough food for two meals. And other friends who drop off other goodies, take the dog for a longer walk than she’s had in a while, and scatter Easter eggs in our yard so that our girls can enjoy some resurrection joy, too. And other friends who send love via text msg. The list goes on. The blessings are endless.

And now unexpected + impossible = reminders that we are loved.

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