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A Letter

At a periodic gathering that I’m part of, one of our latest activities was to write a letter to ourselves, stating what we’d like God to do in our lives. The facilitator for that activity, took our self-addressed envelopes, stamped them, and mailed them to us several days later. Mine came in the mail a […]


Now What?

So Sex Week ended yesterday…(I’m actually writing this on Friday so that I don’t have to think about it tomorrow…not because sex is bad to think about on Saturday but because this practice of blogging every day of the week has been exhausting and that’s not how I wish to spend Sabbath.) The other day […]



what story do i want to tell? every decision i make tells a story. i knew i needed to leave, so i left i knew i needed to stay, so i stayed i knew i needed to ask for help, so i asked for help i knew i needed to submit to the authorities even […]



[everything in brackets can be skipped over for a more fluid reading experience.]it started out as a grand idea: I’ll go to a retreat center for 24 hours!it became a simple and beautiful reality after not making the time to reserve a spot at a retreat center and¬†achieving¬†desperation the night before my scheduled retreat day. […]

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