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advent (day 5) father.

1st piece: You can read it here: http://wordhabit.com/2020/05/19/nightparenting/ 2nd piece: “What do you want me to learn about you?” This is a simple prayer I prayed tonight before settling down to write, cross-legged on my gray mid-century couch, laptop in tow. It would be horrible if I completed this Advent journey and missed something God […]


Call Him Up — learning to pray

I’m remembering years ago when email still felt young and social media only existed in MySpace and that one thing with a name I can’t recall that had thousands of people from Brazil. I wasn’t yet saying everything out loud to my 1,698 friends/kind-of-friends. No. Especially prayer requests. When I had prayer requests, I would […]


ants & trust

i’m an “i can do this” sort of person which often creates a lot of frustration in my life. why? because my efforts often teach me that i actually don’t have what it takes–the skills, the time, the support, the wisdom, the long suffering, the…you name it. yet, disappointment doesn’t stop me from trying, once […]


Just One More Kiss

It’s hard to let her go. 2:45am comes. I feed her. And then it’s 4:30am and I’m waking up with her still in my arms. I finally surrender to the reality of my own sleep needs and return her to her bed but only after ten more kisses to her cheeks. She settles down quickly. […]

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