Lord, hear your people

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Lord, hear your people

I had a terrible dream. My congregation had met for worship. It was great to see everyone. After the service, I became terrified.

I woke up distressed

Then I remembered that I can pray…


For the essential-worker parent with a child or more at home
For the pressure to keep up with all their school work and still smile
Help us, Lord

For the frontline workers in constant danger
For their families who worry and are vulnerable, too
Help us, Lord

For the covid-19 victims, known and unknown
For those who were careless and for those who were careful
Help us, Lord

For the college student forced to go home, now sheltering in place with an abusive family
For postponed graduations and no laptop for online class work
Help us, Lord

For the grocery store cashiers
For the elderly whose shopping times are still packed with people and overwhelming
Help us, Lord

For the families who can’t bury loved ones
For this stage of grief extended
Help us, Lord

For the decision makers in communities, regions, nations
For the wisdom to encourage while also making profoundly difficult decisions
Help us, Lord

For those far from the family support they desperately need
For the neighbors who hurdle the stranger barriers so that they can be substitutes
Help us, Lord

For the scammers, the thieves
For those taking advantage of the fears of others
Help us, Lord

For the families already struggling to keep lights on and food flowing
For their feelings of defeat
Help us, Lord

For fractured relationships for whom this is the last straw
For the realization that they need each other now more than ever
Help us, Lord

For the school districts rallying to feed their students and even some staff
For the 5am nutrition crew and host of distribution volunteers
Help us, Lord

For the small business owners who can no longer pay their employees
For those whose loans just got approved, now dreams differed
Help us, Lord

For the patients whose medical procedures have been postponed
For patience, hope, and stability as they wait
Help us, Lord

For the teachers now using technology in ways they weren’t prepared for
For the will to give their best without the rhythms & tools they’ve grown to love
Help us, Lord

For the civilians already exhausted by war
For this new battle they’ve also not asked for
Help us, Lord

For the homeless, the displaced
For the humans I’ve forgotten…perhaps those already unseen
Help us, Lord

For the faith leaders struggling with faith
For the worshippers in need of humble shepherds
Help us, Lord

For you
For all that you are
For what you have
For what you’ve already lost
For what you will yet lose
For your next steps
For your heart

He’s listening




Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

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