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It’s how I feel. I feel compelled to talk to my friend’s mom who just lost her husband and my own blood family and yet I don’t know what I’d say and I feel as though I should know. After all, I’m a pastor, right? I have words. I’m supposed to have words. But really, […]


Dr. Warren, thank you…

Yes, you wanted us to learn the importance of “The House on Mango Street” and the themes of Richard Wright but it mattered even more that we included a few sentences of appreciation to anyone who’d helped us complete our papers. Saying thank you to my friend in Lamson Hall Room 234 for letting me […]



it’s not often you get to watch a funeral at 4am on your laptop and it’s not often that you want to. and when it’s over, you’re not sure if you should say you’re glad you got to or that you’re grateful. you certainly shouldn’t say you loved every minute, not out loud anyway. well, […]


life. death. life.

while coming to the end of a section about his uncle’s death in Donald Miller‘s book, “A Million Miles…,” i found myself sincerely wanting more. please. continue talking about death. what in the world? may be your swift reply. here’s the deal. almost two years ago, i started losing ppl close to me. first a […]


this week’s “remedy”

i’ve been trying to make a habit of taking out a certain notebook at 1pm each friday and reflecting on the week. i call it “remedy” b/c that’s the local coffee shop in which this idea first took shape. and the remedy of this cathartic process is it’s ability to not necessarily fix anything that’s […]


the good stuff

i’m trying to spend more time focussing on the the good stuff of ministry, the stuff that creates smiles, positive vibes, amens, hallelujahs…that sort of stuff (as opposed to the other stuff that’s so much easier to focus on.) and this good stuff isn’t about fantastic programming; it’s about God showing me His love and […]

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