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I’m finite, I come to an end.

These are lyrics from a Sara Groves song. They’ve been ringing in my head for a while now, reminding me of the need to desire eternity with God but not be so “heavenly minded that I’m of no earthly good,” as my dad would say. I must be present and honest about where I am.

Yet for some, Groves’ words usher in a surge of fright. But I’m not ready to die! is where their minds go as they search for meaning, for hope in whatever is next, or as they conclude that the present isn’t enough and there is no “next.”

The other night I dreamed that a former professor* was leaving and as she hugged me, she whispered, “If we don’t meet again, hopefully I’ll see you in heaven.” I woke up frustrated by what I perceived: she, a Christian, lacked an assurance of salvation. How? Why? And how many others who’ve been “walking with the Lord” are in that same assurance-less boat?

I can’t speak for those who don’t say they believe in Jesus as Savior, Lord and All but for those who claim these to be true I say this:

While always living for the moment is unsustainable and living solely for a mansion in the sky is selfish, if you say you believe and yet cross your fingers at the thought of salvation then I beg you to pray “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24 NLT)

For indeed we are finite.
And that need not scare us.

*I’m not making a judgement call on an actual person because I’m not even sure of who this professor was–it was a dream.

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