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I’m finite, I come to an end. These are lyrics from a Sara Groves song. They’ve been ringing in my head for a while now, reminding me of the need to desire eternity with God but not be so “heavenly minded that I’m of no earthly good,” as my dad would say. I must be […]


the crying

today’s been a random tear festival. the only thing i can attribute it to is hormones, really. that in addition to how i should be 14 weeks pregnant, beyond nausea and full of excitement. i should have told the world by now about the baby inside me and my hidden pinterest board would be on […]


it’s all gone

it felt like hours. i didn’t think we were getting an ultrasound today but when we got that news i was excited. it meant we got to hear our baby’s heartbeat once again. the first time was incredible. it was a sort of confirmation that we’re truly on this journey toward parenthood. the tech couldn’t […]

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