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hours after a ride, I’ve just about forgotten about it. I feel it, though. my shoulders struggle to stay properly postured and my thighs are experiencing that jello sensation while my knees wish I’d do some weight training and my back needs to lie down. so I guess I haven’t fully forgotten but ask me […]


t dot

so i ventured out of suburbia for the afternoon with my friend L. we rode the ‘burb train to the big city train then walked into apple-land…where we experienced bad customer service.…and then good customer service…but the bad memory remains… though frustrated, we refused to allow apple-land to change our minds about our apple products. […]



i woke up this morning and said no. as the day progressed, i felt more confident saying no and somehow i know i won’t regret it. i’m staying put for the next 3 months. perhaps i’ll be able to go another time…perhaps not. for now, it’s Lacombe –Alberta, Canada…big sky country. and what matters is, […]

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