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so i ventured out of suburbia for the afternoon with my friend L. we rode the ‘burb train to the big city train then walked into apple-land…where we experienced bad customer service.…and then good customer service…but the bad memory remains…

though frustrated, we refused to allow apple-land to change our minds about our apple products. (okay, let’s be real, once you’ve dropped that many dollars, you’ve got to stay committed somehow.)so we continued our big city venture by stopping in various stores to observe inflation at its best and fashion at its worst. you know you’re getting old when you just can’t seem to be okay with the new trends. you try. you give them a chance. you even have friends who wear them. but you still won’t budge.sticking with what we know and appreciate, we came upon a few choice items and made a couple of purchases with our personal style and comfort in mind.
to end our sojourn we chowed down some scrumptious apple crumble, giving the experience time, however, to simmer.
and then…

the ride home…


by this time we were both tired and in need of a proper supper. we scanned the boards for our train, found it, and rushed to catch it. settling for two seats on the top level, we waited for departure.

then…………………….. the word “west” came floating innocently out of the speakers to which L responded with,

did he say “whessst“? get off! now! get off!

…yeah…we wanted to go east.

so down the stairs we hustled , afraid the train would begin to chug. knowing better this time, we headed to the right train, took our seats, and laughed at ourselves!

and so we ended our city sojourn. content. tired. hungry. 2lbs light from laughter. i call that success!

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