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hours after a ride, I’ve just about forgotten about it. I feel it, though. my shoulders struggle to stay properly postured and my thighs are experiencing that jello sensation while my knees wish I’d do some weight training and my back needs to lie down. so I guess I haven’t fully forgotten but ask me what I saw and it’s much harder to discuss.

the route begins on Ritson. I pass a golf course on my left and wonder who these golfers are. who has time for this sort of expensive leisure? the road soon gets quieter and a bit narrower. it’s me and the farmland on both sides. don’t know what’s growing, just that it’s not suburbia.

I’m heading north and then northeast and then northwest. the wind isn’t in my favor but thankfully it’s not harassing me. I finally get to the fork in the road. wish I remembered which way to turn. right or left? the signs aren’t as clear as I’d like them to be. it looks as if Ritson goes left but then again it looks as though it goes right. I go left, climb a hill only to realize that no, this is not Ritson; it’s Columbus. oh well. at least I still know where I am. so I continue west hoping to soon bump into a major road. a dog barks and runs toward me. I jump, but not enough to leave my bike behind. just enough to keep me focused. must get away from dog. s/he doesn’t go very far, obviously trained to stay at home base. amen.

voila! it’s Simcoe. I head north again but this time the traffic is heavy, highway heavy. oops. what looks like a bike lane is simply the shoulder minimally paved. I press on. I’ve got a helmet; I’m invincible. okay maybe not. a semi just whizzed by. pls ppl, pls don’t hit me! I’m just in town for a little while and I’m just trying to get fit. and I’m just trying to find the next major cross street. I’m surprised no one is honking or yelling at me. maybe it’s coz we’re not a huge city. these ppl are still nice ppl.

and now we’re east. a nice road beginning with an “h” has me breathing a little slower. thank you residential community. somehow I feel at home. Howden. that’s the street’s name. I cruise along and as I breeze down a hill I get a strong reminder to slow down and watch the road ahead. it just might be Ritson.

ahhhh. reunited and it feels so good! north bound once again, I’m grateful to be back on track. it’s pretty straightforward from here. no hills, just a steady minor incline from time to time and a lot of flat ground. again, farmland. now passing a farm where they’re selling stuff. probably seasonal fruits and veggies. no time to stop though. must stay focused.

hello Raglan! I crossed here a couple of days ago, hoping to get to the end of Ritson but figured I’d been out long enough and was tired enough. but today is brand new so here I go across Raglan. the route is certainly becoming more and more deserted. the paved road becomes semi paved and soon I see the caution sign, something about a gravel road and proceeding at your own risk. I know better than to continue. after all, I’ve got road wheels and that’s a much more convincing reason to turn around than the fear of bears. no sign about that…just my overactive imagination as I see a huge patch of trees ahead.

so back up Ritson I go and over Raglan. southbound. collectors are clear. express lanes clear. and the wind loves me now. the ride becomes effortless in this direction even though I can hear the wind as I move.

would ppl hide in the tall grass? would some attacker jump out to steel my metal? okay, enough idle mind time.

I finally get back to the road I missed and figure out my mistake. the right turn is later than I’d thought. I won’t forget this now. stay left then go right. then pass the property that has a “4h fair goers live here” sign on the left. a little while later I hear running water. it’s quite inviting. but single women really shouldn’t go solo under bridges to investigate creeks or rivers. ride on!

there’s a questionable banquet hall at the corner of the next major intersection. it’s questionable coz it’s small and so un-prettty. oh Alanis, you would agree. needless to say, I’ll never ask them about rates.

now I’m almost home. there go the wealthy khaki-ed men and their luxury clubs on my right. I’m surprised at how fast I’m going. I’ve stayed pretty consistent with my gear choices today in an attempt to better pace the ride. it’s good.

the light turns red. i only have to wait for 3 cars to pass and then I turn right down Conlin. I wish these drivers knew what I’ve just accomplished. yeah, I know I don’t look like a serious cyclist with my long sleeved white t wrapped around my waist, revealing my baby-blue nike dry fit shirt and my exercise legging-type pants rolled up to my knees. my straight bars probably have ya’ll thinking I’ve just been cruising around town and you probably wish I’d take the sidewalks and stay out of your way. but here I am on your road, turning left at Edenwood then left onto Sandalwood.

home. just wish I could remember more. it was a good ride, all 15.89 miles of it.

thank you Canada. thank you mapmyride.com. thank you trek 7.3 fx. I should name you. you deserve it.

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