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tomorrow morning will be spent sleeping for ALAP…that’s “As Long As Possible.”

i’m so tired. and my body really hates me for being so mean to it.

how dare you go to bed at 11 and wake up at 3 one day then go to bed at 11 and wake up at 4 another day then go to bed at midnight and wake up at 6 another day? and all those naps…why the teaser?

i’m sorry dear body of mine. i going to try and change things, i promise.

alright folks. thanks for being part of my self-body confessional moment…now let’s talk about something fun and exciting….like….um….hermeneutics!

yes, i’m a nerd. for those of you who don’t know, hermeneutics basically means the method of interpretation. so when applied to the bible, your hermeneutic is what enables you to grasp craziness such as how hebrews lists samson among the great exemplars of faith. i mean, it’s not that hard to grasp. his final prayer before his suicide was a prayer of faith. but the implications of being called faithful are what complicate everything. so we have to set up a solid interpretive framework. we have to wrestle with the texts using a wholistic and intertextual approach.

i’m actually doing a research paper on this that’s why it’s in my head. it’s called “paul’s faithful samson: the need for a wholistic and intertextual hermeneutic”….yeah, subtitle and all! that’s what it’s about baby!

but anyway, it’s sabbath and i should allow my mind to rest from the scholastic life. praise the Lord for 24 hours of intentional low/no stress. praise the Lord!

in other news, this place is so green it’s out of control! green grass, green trees…soooo many trees. can somebody cut them down so we can see the sky please? am i asking too much? yes…i know. this isn’t alberta. i’ll get over it…perhaps. but oh, the campus smells so good. i’m not sure what it is…lilacs? i’m not good with flowers/plants. i just know that i often step out of a building, breath in, and smile deeply.

and i also smile deeply when i think of people i miss and places i miss (not that i’m happy to miss them…you know what i mean!) and i find great contentment in knowing i’m where i’m supposed to be at the time i’m supposed to be here. many people here talk about all the time they spent running away from what God wanted for them. i feel as if i’ve spent a lot of time running toward this. and now that i’m here, even though is tough and busy and i’m physically drained, i’m happy.

so hear my words and rest in the knowledge that this sabbath is right where you need to be.

till later,

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  1. michaela!!! thanx for phoning on my wedding day! so fun that you thought of me! 🙂 your sis relayed some greeting as well at the church. . i've posted some photos on my blog. . .still waiting for the rest to come! it was amazing!. .missed you for sure! 🙁

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