GBP (God Be Praised)

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GBP (God Be Praised)

i got that one from my dad via msn messenger…go figure! the parents are more “im” savvy than the children. have mercy!!

well, GBP indeed coz life is good. let me tell you how.

i came back to school because i knew God wanted me to…i’m enjoying school and work…i don’t know if i’ve ever been so excited about school.

however, though it’s only been 2 weeks, i feel as though at least a month has passed because things have been a bit crazy. from going to bed late because of work to waking up early because i need to study, i haven’t been getting the rest i need. i’ve been eating well and even exercising but the time i should be spending in lala land has been insufficient…to say the least.

to add to that, my prayer for finances wasn’t answered the way i thought God would answer…the way i’d asked Him to answer. it honestly hasn’t been a source of stress because i new that somehow or another, it would all work out. however, the last two days got the best of me. on wednesday, i started to hold on to what i call and “emotional itch”…my impatience got the best of me and i started to get demanding, telling God what He “needed” to do. and while i think it’s fine and appropriate to be honest with God, i realize that my faith was quickly disappearing. yesterday morning i found comfort in the story of joseph, realizing that he was faithful to God in all things…and not simply because God’s faithfulness was always easy to see.

so i began the day with about a tenth of a mustard seed of faith. by the afternoon, i got demanding again and my frustration grew. why the student loan mixups? why can’t the road be easy just this once? why can’t things work out according to what i thought was a very good plan?

then my wonderful parents, realizing my plight and not wanting me to be stressed out, jumped on board.


i’ll get the student loan but just not in the time i’d prefer
i’ll get financial clearance and be a legal employee here
i’ll have peace of mind because, as usual, God provides for His children…often through their earthly parents….even when the children think they should be old enough to do things on their own…


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  1. amen! 🙂 can't wait for you to be pastor michaela! 🙂 i'm inspired! 🙂 miss you, ms. together founder! 🙂 together. . together. . together. .

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