from the heart

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from the heart

though i fear verbal diarrhea in this moment, it’s about time i write…it’s been so long…feels like months and months but it’s only been weeks.

let’s start with blessing:

1. i’m still happy to be here. my advisor keeps asking me if i’m still happy with my decision to come…it’s part of his way of checking up on me, making sure i’m doing alright. we met yesterday to arrange my schedule for the fall semester. it’s nice to have people who know your parents and can talk about when your parents weren’t your parents…the dating fazes…lovely!

2. my apartment finally looks as though someone actually likes living there. most of the boxes have been put in proper places. the bright curtains add such life that the boxes sort of overshadowed.

3. i’m developing a ministry here in the dorm…it’s part of my DA job and i’m glad…it’s a part of my job that i’ll really enjoy. i’ve already spoken to one resident who i want to get on board because of her charisma and to help nurture that charisma. i’m now responsible (by a certain age/maturity level we all develop a responsibility we cannot afford to shun) for guiding those younger than me whenever possible. i’m humbled by the task and also excited to see how God will work through me. this is “together” lamson hall style…

4. i was asked to sing for a program tonight. i had a really “blah” kind of day, the sort that doesn’t go according to plan, not because of any major interactions but simply because i’m absolutely mentally exhausted. i had a plan, a really great plan. and i actually got some major things accomplished. as i look back on the day, i’m quite surprised and grateful to see how much God helped me do. but i wish i’d taken the planned nap…that was crucial. but back to the music…i didn’t feel very prepared to sing. i hadn’t spent the sort of time i’m used to spending right before a performance. i prayed for help and i sang from my heart. that’s what you have to do whenever you do anything to glorify God. if it’s not guided by God and from the heart, someone won’t hear what he/she is supposed to hear.

5. i get to go to bed now : )

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  1. Hey, Michaela, I'm really glad to see things are settling well for you down there and that you're developing a ministry. We miss you up here… I've been asked to lead worship the first Sabbath back and I have to build a team from scratch (hopefully D will return). Maybe one day we'll worship together again…

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