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i begin this new blog in honor of all those i’ve taught. thank you for teaching me. with each class i recognized my limitations and God’s willingness to work with me regardless. each student challenged my wisdom, skill, assumed knowledge and encouraged me to step up my game…it was good.

but all that positivity aside, one thing that really got to me was the poor writing of some. i think the first mishap that made me experience an inner shriek was “can not.” since when was that written as two words? my english elitist compulsion got the best of me and i probably doubted the student’s ability to do any good thing. future inner shrieks resulted from “life style” and “my self” (and that’s not including the purposeful separation in order to stress the “self”).

now here i type…hoping to do better.

i started teaching english in 2000. every good and bad paper have helped me see how desperately we need to read good writing and write good reading. the less we read the more prone we are to write “can not” and progress/digress to “with out.” i’m afraid that i’ll one day see “lab top” in the Washington Post. so in my spare time i’m challenging myself to do better by ryeting. thanks for reeding. 🙂

*This post and a few others after it are from a blog I started back in 2008. It was supposed to be dedicated to writing. It was a brief journey. (May 19, 2013)

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