in the beginning…

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in the beginning…

there weren’t a lot of words that i’m aware of.

then again, my only proof sits in the words of the B-I-B-L-E (which is, indeed, the book for me and all of you. but that’s another topic for another post).* Genesis 1:1 says that God spoke and things came into existence, “let there be light, and there was light.” our conclusion is, then, that God said nothing more in order for light to come into being. but the more i read in that book, the more i stop myself from coming to absolute conclusions. yes, i’m a product of my time…fighting for and against absolute truth. but more than that, i don’t ever want to limit God even if my limitation of him sounds wonderful. of course it sounds better to have a God who says little to produce to much, to have a ruler who is so unlike us. there’s much more in the Bible to support that idea. but i don’t want my knowledge to hinder me. or you.

so in the beginning, whether much or little was said, much came about. and in that beginning, whatever words were spoken or written were filled with intention because i’m positive that God is always intentional.

*i’m aware that i’ve just used one set of parenthesis to span one and a half sentences. how do you feel about that?

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