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makes me
breaks me
it’s who i am
and who i never want to be
yet lives inside of me

what’s your music?


wrote that poem years ago…a decade at least. there’s more to it. that part is what i remember most vividly. the words flow across my mind (why do we talk about the mind as if it’s a road?) every now and then and i recall my shyness, my insecurity, my fear of meeting strangers, the safe haven i found in poetry…even mediocre poetry.

but music is more than poetry to me now. it’s certainly an experience and when it’s communal it’s really incredible even if it’s not perfect.

have you ever been on the receiving end of a crowd of people singing with love in their voices? it’s quite grand…except for the millisecond delay….i could do without that. 🙂

last night was nice. this morning was too. and i’m praying for a lovely time tonight.

yay for music!

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