bad words that come out of your mouth

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bad words that come out of your mouth

it just shouldn’t happen. it’s unfortunate. but sometimes we really don’t have more to say or we haven’t had time to plan our attack. it’s true…i’ve said some dumb things in my day. guess i feel okay about it coz i don’t have a huge platform, i don’t ever stand before thousands of people and talk politics. no one asks for and eagerly awaits my opinion on Darfur, Iraq, abortion (yeah, apparently people still want to know what politicians think about abortion), border control (just build a wall? really? some people’s comments are astounding), etc.

people just ask me to sing. “just.” guess my task is also very important. after all, when i haven’t practiced and i just get up there and wail, it’s messy. i do have to consider theology-appropriate lyrics (though some of those Southern Gospel songs about heaven/death/loved-ones-gone-before are almost beautifully irresistible!)

why am i trying to find common ground with politicians? because it’s 10:20pm and i ate a chicken breast with minimal flavour and worthless sauce–that can’t be good for the thought processes.

good night.

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