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two nights later….

i saw/heard jane bunnett and the spirits of havana…lovely

sidenote: i’ve tried to describe music lately and no adjective seems sufficient/qualified/right.

(meanwhile, back on the ranch) jane plays soprano sax and flute…wicked tone and finger action…her entire being connects to the music. the spirits of havana include trumpet, standing bass, drums, congas, and keyboard. i wanted to get up and dance during much of the performance but was much too shy.

since i’ve been slacking on my early to bed early to rise schedule, i’m quite tired for 7pm and i’m about to get to yacking on the phone. i know…i’ll probably regret it in the morning. i know…

so i’ve got a question and those of you who read this should feel free to comment. well, maybe it’s less of a question and more of a comment that’s rooted in the practice of questioning. yeah, i’m not too sure of what i just wrote but i’m too tired to try and make sure it makes sense.

here’s the deal: i haven’t picked up a red poppy. today was remembrance day. we (the fam) went to the service in our town. it was quite long due to the many wreaths but overall, it was a good time to reflect, to remember what it means to sacrifice self for others. it’s not natural to most of us, especially if the “other” isn’t someone we know. and speaking of not knowing, i don’t know exactly why i haven’t picked up a red poppy and pinned it onto my jacket or whatever my outerwear is when i’m in public. i think it has to do with always being a foreigner and never knowing what to call home and not wanting to claim allegiance to any particular country. therefore, to wear a poppy would mean………..

ya, i’m not sure what it would mean. i guess that’s what i have to figure out. i don’t like wearing something without full knowledge unless it’s something entirely founded on momentary fun…like a pointed birthday hat.

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