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millions of teens across north america blog.

they detail deeply personal things that would shock, and do shock, the pants off their parents.

blogging has replaced the dear old diary in a way that is so public, some teens are paying the price…not only are their parents finding out but so are predators. because of how detailed these teens are, they’ve become targets of abuse from folks they never dreamed would walk into their lives, potentially ruin their lives.

so i take a moment to reflect on what i’ve read in the news. and i look at what i do in this space called it’s not the first time i’ve wondered if i’m being too personal. i know that what i write can be read by the whole wide world…and i don’t mind.

truth be told, part of why it’s so easy to have a blog is the knowledge that i have no idea who’s reading it, judging it, loving it, etc….but i write first of all for me. and i do it online because i’m provided a pleasant space in which to do it and after all these years of computer usage, thoughts flow much better when my fingers tap the keys. i still have many journals. i buy at least one new one a year…if not more. they’re more portable and my laptop’s a failure. paper and pen still have their place. and since i’m so bad at keeping up with many of my friends, they can keep up with my life by reading it.

lately it’s been quite an interesting read, i must say. and it only promises to get better. God’s so good ya’ll! what’s a girl to do but keep on living for Him?

and as i live, i write.

thanks for reading.

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